And That is True!

I should? I should. I should!

I should blog again. Someone mentioned that to me today. I have been thinking that lately too. I went back and read some of my posts from 2006. And I realized a couple things: 

1. I am funny! And my friends are really funny! 

2.  I was wrong about the jogging stroller:

3. I don’t remember who General Genitals is…..can anyone enlighten me?

So I’m going to give this a shot again. No promises, but hopefully I’ll be able to think of some fun things to share. 

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Wow, this week really flew by…and my weekend has started, yay!

Thanks friends, for your comments on my last post – I will remember your encouragement on Sunday. And try not to miss you all too much!

My plans for tonight are being well executed – I am doing mostly nothing, haha. We all went for Indian food at lunch (accountants like to EAT!), so I didnt even have to make dinner – I just ate my bagged lunch for dinner! And I had some yummy chocolate milk – J-M picked it up on his grocery store WIN yesterday – he spent exactly $10 and brought home two tubs of yogurt, a bag of chips, laundry soap, chocolate milk, a cake mix, and a can of icing! I really like having a No Frills close by – when they have deals, they really have deals!

Speaking of deals, what is with Safeway lately!? We keep finding ourselves there and paying reasonable prices….its kind of creeping us out, we dont know what to make of it!

Tomorrow, while J-M is at work, I am going to do some Secret Birthday Shopping. J-Ms birthday is on the 30th, and I have some sweet gift ideas that I cant wait to hunt down – I love gift shopping, especially when I can find the perfect thing that I know will be special! I would share, but there is a small risk of him reading this, and we cant have that.

Saturday we might brave English Bay to take in the second fireworks show. We caught last night’s at Jericho Beach (a fifteen minute walk from home), which offered a pretty good view, but its not the same as being right there. We just werent willing to face crowds and try to fight our way back home on a week night, so Jericho it was. I thought last night’s show was good! The USA did a big-band style performance and the fireworks really suited the music.

Well, thats all for my random Thursday post! Have a good night everyone!

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Eek! A Week!

Well, today marks one week until the BIG DAY. And I am nervous! Intellectually, I know I am capable of finishing a 5k. Ive ran that distance before, I can run it again. So why am I nervous? I think because this is a big deal for me as a person. It will be the first time I will ever participate in any sort of organized sporting event. Ever. As a kid, I wasn’t involved in anything the least bit physical (save for one or two years of dance in elementary school… taught by 15 year olds). But no sports teams, no track meets. Nothing. I have always felt (and even been told by a few different people) that I am not athlete material. Im not a runner. I shouldn’t even TRY to see if there might be something active that I enjoy doing, because that’s not “who I am”. And I believed them. And sometimes I still do believe them. I think this event will be a tangible reminder that I AM capable. That I CAN run if I want to, and that living an active life IS part of who I am.


Maybe I should get a dog?

So I went for my run this morning, and I passed a man with a dog. I think it was a golden retriever mixed with something else. The dog was not on a leash, but appeared to be well behaved. So well behaved, in fact, that she must have felt sorry for me running all alone and decided to keep me company. As I passed them, the dog turned right around and began running by my side and excitedly jumping around. The man was calling for her and apologizing to me – eventually she went back with her owner and I carried on my run.

Honestly? It was kind of fun to run with a dog, even if it was only half a block (if that). There was a small part of me that hoped she would keep running with me the entire way. When we grow up, I think I want a big dog to run with. Except J-M and I already agreed on a wiener dog. Something tells me they arent the best running companions – although running with a wiener dog would be good for my self esteem – with those short little legs, it should tire out waaaaay before I do.


Some things I like

At the office, we all work an extra 1/2 hour from January-June, and then we get every Friday off in July and August. This is something I like. I feel like my work week just got underway and already tomorrow is Thursday (Friday!). I am a little bit afraid of September – back to 5 day work weeks, and due to an office move, my commute is going to get loooooonger. Oh well, September will obviously never arrive.

We got icecream at work this afternoon! Also like that! The best quote of the day though came from one of the “new guys” who have only been here a couple of months. He exclaimed:

“We get ice cream! Awesome! I LOVE this place!”

Made me chuckle, anyways.

Last night I dreamed about mailing labels – this is something I do not like. How lame am I that I stick mailing labels all day and then come home and dream about them? Actually it was kind of a nightmare – in my dream we RAN OUT!

Last nights dinner involved avocado on the side. YUM. I like this. Today’s lunch was leftovers from last night. I got lazy and didnt remove the avocado before reheating the meal. Warm avocado is NOT YUM. I did not like this.

Tonight we are going to Costco. Not sure if I like this. I dislike how everyone blocks up the aisles like they are the only person in the store. And trust me, they are never the only person in the store. I do like the samples though.

Thats all for today.

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Crazy news of the day!

Yep, I admit it. I am a blogging flake. I enjoy reading, I even think up clever things to write about, but it just never gets done. Oops. Well, admittedly, blogging isnt the only thing that has taken a back seat in the past 10 months or so. Its like our move last year knocked me on my butt, and I am only now starting to get back on my feet. But, I am excited to be where I am, and I plan on taking full advantage of this amazing place we live! I am super excited for fun things we have planned for the summer!

Today I did something crazy….

I signed up for my first race! I will be running a 5k on July 25th and I am super excited! I have been running on and off with varying levels of commitment for a couple of years now, but never as consistently as the past few months. I think I am at risk of turning into a “runner”.  ME. Go figure. During the past week or so, I have come to realize how much running is a mental game for me! I will feel like stopping and giving up, but then I will think to myself “wait a second. You are not even out of breath. Nothing hurts. Why do you want to stop?” I feel as though this is a bit of an epiphany. Anyways, I am super excited for the race. And the best part is that its all women, and the start line is within walking distance from our house. What more could I ask for? I’m not setting a goal time for my race (though I would be thrilled to do it in 30 minutes). I just want to finish and have fun!

That is my crazy news of the day!

I promise to blog more… or at least…..ok, I make no promises. But if I was making a promise, I would promise to blog more.



I have have been hankering for some granola lately! But this time, I wanted to make some for myself. Here is my journey:

First, I gathered my ingredients:

can you tell we are a Buy-In-Bulk kind of couple?

Then I put some oats and some nuts in a bowl. But first I had to chop the nuts.


and after:

…and when I was done, my floor looked like this:

really, no one who knows me is at all surprised by this.

Once my oats and nuts were safely in a big pink bowl, it was time to mix the oil and honey and vanilla and salt, microwave it for a minute to melt the honey a bit, and then the recipe said to “whisk very well until combined”. Well. After whisking my wrist off, here is what I was left with:

hmm….what to do….?

Then, I had a brain wave! MAGIC BULLET TIME!


Now the fun part: I mixed it all together, made a big mess, and spread the gooey yumminess onto a couple of pans.

and then it was time to bake it for a while, add some Craisins, and bake some more! By this time, our apartment was starting to smell pretty yummy.

Here is the end result:

Mmmm….looks good to me! I plan on serving it with some yogurt tomorrow morning for breakfast. Tomorrow is, you see, our end-of-semester celebration day! Yup, J-M finished his last exam this afternoon, and since he is working tonight, we are making a Saturday of it. Beginning with granola for breakfast.

Here is the recipe, in case you are interested.


My husband, the garbage picker.

Well, considering the kind of “dates” we had when we were in bible school, this story really shouldnt surprise any of you. Still a good story though, so I will share:

Monday afternoon, I was at work. About 15 minutes before quitting time, a client  J-M walks though the office door, bearing a gift: a Tim’s coffee, complete with a rollable rim! I have a super thoughtful husband who, from time to time, will come to my work so that he can ride the bus home with me. (This is especially nice on days that I go straight from one work to the other.) Anyways, my drink was a medium, and I finished it before leaving for the day. Not a winner, in case you were interested. John-Mark ‘s drink was an extra large, because he had redeemed a winning tab and cannot redeem a winning tab for anything but the biggest, most expensive drink offered. So he kept drinking as we headed to the bus stop.

About halfway home, I think to ask “Hey! Did you win? I didnt see you roll your rim!”.

John-Mark’s eyes widen. “oh no! I threw it out! I didnt roll the rim at all! I can’t believe it!”

Then he looks around and says to me….”should I go back for it?”

Of course the obvious, logical answer to that question is NO, you should not go back for it. But, perhaps I am crazy. Perhaps I am too accomodating of J-M’s quirks. Perhaps I share in them and would never be able to live with myself not knowing what was under that rim. IT COULD BE A CAR!

So I did what any supportive, somewhat-anxious (we could have thrown out a car! Or a doughnut!) wife would have done. I said “if its going to drive you crazy, then go get it. I’ll see you at home”. Ha! I didnt even offer to come along.

And thats what we did: I went home, and John-Mark got off at the next stop, crossed the street and hopped on another bus. He then walked up to the garbage can, reached in for his lost cup, and rolled the rim. (I did remind him not to use his teeth on this particular rim). And under the rim? “Please Play Again”.

So it was all in vain. But at least we can live with ourselves.

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Tim Hortons vs McDonalds?

Roll Up The Rim To Win (henceforth known as “RUTRTW”) season has started. This is exciting for me, but may not be a good thing, since Tim’s is 1 block away from us now. At least last year, we had to get in the car (or go for a loooong walk) to try our luck. So we will see how the season affects our budget…:)

This year, McDonalds has (conveniently) picked the same start date as RUTRTW for its latest FREE COFFEE promotion – free coffee, all day for two whole weeks. Wow. Not to mention that McDonald’s is even closer to us – just across the street.

Now, I feel like McDonald’s is trying to infringe on the greatest season of the year by offering customers a win each time they visit – free coffee, no matter what. No chance of a “please play again”. No chance of a Net book or a car either, but whatever.  I feel a tad bit of resentment towards McDonald’s, and I want to be loyal to Tim’s. They  have been nothing but good to me (yes, i have forgotten my three year, 0 for 100 something losing streak already). So my first thought was “there is no way I am going for free McDonald’s coffee, even if it is free. I refuse out of principle.” But then I got to thinking some more. If I refuse McDonald’s free offer, I am actually benefiting them (because I obviously would never actually BUY something there). They would be losing money on me if I accepted their offer. So if I want to stand for Tim Hortons and the RUTRTW season as we know it, I must get as much free McDonald’s coffee as my heart can handle.

In conclusion: I am in for a couple of weeks of coffee. Lots of coffee. If you do not hear from me, you may find me vibrating at my desk.


Not dead.

I was told that some people may assume that I have succomed to the plague, by the way that I left my last post hanging. Don’t worry; I am still here. Yup, I survived Swine Flu.

What have I been up to? Not much. Work work work. I did have some time off this past weekend, and J-M and I spent four very full, very fun days with great friends enjoying Vancouver in its Olympic glory. It went too fast though, and this week is already drawing to a close.

Work has been….just ok. This week has been a tough one. Despite that, I am trying not to forget that we are called to be here right now. Hard or easy as it may be.

So I think I might start blogging again. No promises though, ok?

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